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1-2-3 Pool Care

Photo of the cleanest water we've ever seenHave you ever wondered how a pool man can come to the house for just 20 minutes a week and still keep the pool sparkling clear & 100% algae free? The secret is that they have a very simple system. Pool professionals know that swimming pool sanitation comes down to 3 steps:

  1. Sanitize
  2. Shock
  3. Protect

Using Just these 3 steps along with balancing your PH will work perfectly on over 99% of pools. Let me explain what each step does:


The most common sanitizer used in swimming pools is chlorine. Chlorine has an advantage over most other sanitizers because after it has killed all of the bacteria, some is still left to keep killing bacteria as they arrive in your pool. However, this effect is relatively short-lived – it generally will not last all week.

Floating chlorine tablets keeps a small steady flow of chlorine going into the pool every day, all day long. This way you always have enough chlorine to kill the bacteria, but not so much that you feel like you are swimming in a harsh “chemical soup”.

Some people try to only float tabs and skip the other steps. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Bacteria can build up a tolerance to chlorine. Once this happens, you can have a good amount of chlorine in the water, and the algae just keeps growing. This is why step 2 is so important.


"Shocking" is a term we use to describe adding a relatively large amount of chlorine all at once. This accomplishes two things; it kills any bacteria that can stand up to your normal levels of chlorine, and it oxidizes the organic waste and dead bacteria.

Here's an old trick we recommend for shocking your pool: do it after the sun goes down. The UV rays in sunlight can evaporate chlorine. By shocking at night, you will get the maximum possible effectiveness.


There are some types of algae that are so resistant to chlorine that even the strongest shocks won't be enough to get rid of them. In the old days pool professionals would use a “wetting Agent” or “Copper based algaecide”. With modern science we have found some better alternatives that work so much better, and don’t stain the pool. A product like Aquafinesse Water care tablets works as a great algaecide, while also helping in other ways:

  • Reduces chlorine consumption by up to 60%
  • Helps maintain pH & alkalinity
  • Removes biofilm, water mold and slime from plumbing lines (where algae roots live)
  • Extends lifespan of your and pool surface and equipment by removing scale and lime deposits
  • Removes calcium deposits from waterline tile or rock finishes
  • Gives you a soft water feel similar to a saltwater pool.

This three-step sanitation routine will keep you water looking crystal clear, and keep more money in you account. Look at our Pool Tech Tips for tricks to keep your pool hassle free.

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