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The best price and widest selection of Dimension One spa parts.  If you have a D-1 Spa or Hottub then is the perfect place to find the exact repair parts or supplies you need to keep your Dimension One Hot tub working perfectly for years to come.  


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Pillows has every pillow made by Dimension One Spas. Since we carry only original D-1 Pillows, you will be assured of getting only the highest quality spa pillows for your Dimension One hot tub. If your pillows seem to be wearing out sooner than you like, perhaps its time to look at at the water chemistry. Did you know that improper chemical balance is the main reason your D1 Spa Headrest or Pillows go bad. In fact worn out pillows is a great indication that something is wrong with either your chemicals or your Ozone. But don't fret, yourspaparts.comis here to help with the highest quality parts at the best price.


Dimension One Spa Filters are a very important part of keeping your spa clean. But did you know that choosing the correct filter is much more important to keeping your d-1 spa equipment working at it's best for years to come, Dimension one filters are hydrolicly balanced. This means that they will let in the proper amount of water so your pumps don't have to work as hard. Some filters don't let enough water in and the pumps begin to cavitate. Improper water flow is a big reason pumps wear out pre-mature. Make sure your Dimension One Spa last for as long as possible, and using a D-1 Filter will help in a big way.

Vision and Water Care

Ordering a Dimension One Vision Cartridge for your spa is one of the best ways to make caring for your D-1 spa as easy as possible. The D-1 Vision cartridge works in conjunction with your Dimension One Filtration System to keep the water clear, with as few chemicals as possible. A vision cartridge should be replaced every 6 months.


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