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  • Shock the pool after the sun goes down.  The sun begins taking the shock out of the water immediately after adding it.  Shocking after sundown give the shock the most possible time to kill bacteria


  • Tablets – Putting Chlorine tablets in your skimmer is convenient, but can damage the plumbing and a heater. An inline chlorinator is the gold standard chlorine delivery device, and it makes adding those tablets a breeze. If you don't want to bother with plumbing in new equipment, a floater is a very inexpensive investment that can work just as well


  • Water Clarifiers – If your water is cloudy, more often than not it is caused by one of two things. One of the most common problems is a lack of filtration – this can be caused by a dirty filter, not running the pump long enough, or a plugged line. It could also be a lack of sanitizer, in which case, the solution is simple – just shock the pool. Adding additional chemicals like "Water Clarifier", "Filter Aid", or "Scale Remover" in many cases is just a waste of your money.