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  1. Dimension One NEXSIS Universal Remote Control - 01564-0036

    Regular Price: $239.95

    Special Price $200.95

    Water-resistant, Floating universal remote control. Functionality from inside the spa: Remotely operates spa jets and spa lights. Functionality from outside the spa: Remotely operates spa jets, spa lights and NEXSIS Wireless Stereo. - requires I-Watch Master Control module (01512-1032). Able to control SIS Stereo via programmable codes. Exclusive to the following spa models: 2004 to current Reflections Series, 2004 to current Bay Collection. Also works with 2007 D1 factory installed Poly-Planar stereos. For functionality inside the spa, the IR module (01564-0073) is required. Learn More
  2. Dimension One Poly-Planar Flip-Up Speaker (Replaces SIS/In.Tune) - 07-0012

    Regular Price: $240.00

    Special Price $230.50

    Single flip-up speaker. Includes multiple connectors and instructions. This speaker replaces 01564-31, 01564-33, 01564-0056, 01564-0038. Learn More
  3. Dimension One UltraPure Plus Assembly - 01782-0001

    Regular Price: $309.95

    Special Price $251.95

    For Service Only 01782-0001 Learn More
  4. Dimension One Gecko MSPA-1 Mid-Range Upper Control - 01560-320

    Regular Price: $288.95

    Special Price $221.95

    Gecko TSC25. (mid '99) Inlay options are: 01560-322 (Ocean), 01560-323 (Black), 01560-324 (Teal) or 01560-352 (Marble 6 Button-Aurora HP), or 01560-353 (Marble 5 Button). Learn More
  5. Dimension One SLCD P.C. Board, 1997 - 01710-89

    Regular Price: $293.97

    Special Price $249.95

    Replacement PC Board for all 1997 Madrid spas.01710-89 Learn More
  6. Dimension One P.C. Board, Spa Builders - AFS - 01710-133

    Regular Price: $339.95

    Special Price $295.95

    LX 15 PWA EXT01710-133 Learn More
  7. Dimension One Ozone Can Assembly for Bay Collection/AFS19DT/(@Home 2010+) - 01565-0001

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $202.95

    Used on 2004 to 2006 model year Bay Collection Spas. Also used on 2008 to current AFS. 01565-0001 Learn More
  8. Dimension One C.P. Horiz. Heater Assy - 01563-06C

    Regular Price: $303.95

    Special Price $233.95

    Replacement stainless steel horizontal heater for ûall 1993 and 1994 spas with the CrystalPure WaterûManagement System. Learn More
  9. Dimension One Circulation Pump, Laing E10 - (Universal)* 01512-320E

    Regular Price: $292.99

    Special Price $259.99

    Dimension One Circulation Pump, Laing E10 - (Universal)* 01512-320E Price includes Pump Assembly and Cord with Plug. The original red or blue pumps have been upgraded to the new all-black model which includes both dry run protection and an integrated flow switch. *PLEASE NOTE* This pump is not compatible as a replacement for a fountain circulation pump. This circ pump includes a flow switch. Not compatible with Arena or AFS. If replacing from non-E10 circ pump, please note there are wiring differences. 01512-320E Learn More
  10. Dimension One SLC P.C. Board, 1993-1995 - 01560-96

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Special Price $224.95

    Replacement PC Board for 1993-1995 Dimension One SL model spas. Learn More

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