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  1. Walk-On Cover
    This is the excellent Walk-On Cover. As the name suggests, the cover is so strong, you can walk right on top of it. The extra durability is attributed to the Fiberglass Sheet Lamination that's built on to both sides of the cover. Additionally, it comes with all of your favorite features from the Prestige Cover;

    • Four-by-two tapered foam
    • Four tie-downs with keyed lock fasteners
    • Aluminum Channeling
    • Double top-stitch
    • Two handles
    • Two Steam Stoppers
    The Walk-On Cover is great for people who live in snowy areas or who have children that like to climb on top of things.

    Notes: It may take up to four weeks to custom manufacture your cover. Any other items bought in your purchase will be shipped separately. This is only available for regularly-sized covers under 8ft long or wide. If you need a cover larger than that, or need a cover for a Bay Series Spa, please call us. Learn More
  2. Dimension One Upgrade Kit  **PURCHASE REQUIRES SERIAL NUMBER: PLEASE CALL TO ORDER** - 07-0019
    Dimension One Upgrade Kit (Circuit Board, Topside Panel, Transformer, & Sensors) **PURCHASE REQUIRES SERIAL NUMBER: PLEASE CALL TO ORDER** - 07-0019

    Replacement for Gecko Spa packs. Includes Topside Control, Hi-Limit & Temp sensor, Transformer and Circuit board for certain obsolete equipment packs.

    Note that it does not include the inlay. That is part number 01560-353. We also recommend ordering the topside replacement kit 01512-00

    Learn More
  3. Dimension One - GECKO SSPA-MP Lower Control for @Home - 01782-1000
  4. SmartTouch Digital 1000 - Single Pump 240v Digital Controls

    Regular Price: $750.00

    Special Price $699.00

    This is the complete control system for any single-pump spas that run at 240v. This model comes with a discrete heavy-duty contactor relay for maximum reliability and serviceability.

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4 Item(s)