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  1. Dimension One NEXSIS Universal Remote Control - 01564-0036

    Regular Price: $239.95

    Special Price $200.95

    Water-resistant, Floating universal remote control. Functionality from inside the spa: Remotely operates spa jets and spa lights. Functionality from outside the spa: Remotely operates spa jets, spa lights and NEXSIS Wireless Stereo. - requires I-Watch Master Control module (01512-1032). Able to control SIS Stereo via programmable codes. Exclusive to the following spa models: 2004 to current Reflections Series, 2004 to current Bay Collection. Also works with 2007 D1 factory installed Poly-Planar stereos. For functionality inside the spa, the IR module (01564-0073) is required. Learn More
  2. Dimension One SLC P.C. Board, 1993-1995 - 01560-96

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Special Price $224.95

    Replacement PC Board for 1993-1995 Dimension One SL model spas. Learn More
  3. Dimension One iWatch Master Assembly - 01512-1032

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price $249.95

    Managing your spa is so easy with the iWatch System. This integrated system illuminates the outside of your spa with Dynamic L.E.D. Lighting and displays spa status indicator lights. It features a PalmPilot communication port which allows service technicians to easily perform diagnostics. Also, enables spa to be operated with Dimension One's Universal Floating Remote Control Learn More
  4. Dimension One 3 Button Upper Control - 01560-43 - Obsolete

    Regular Price: $339.95

    Special Price $281.00

    For '91 and Older Models Learn More
  5. Dimension One Crystal Pure Heater Assy. - 01563-12C

    Regular Price: $288.95

    Special Price $221.95

    4 kW Stainless (Vertical) for '95 & '96 models. Learn More
  6. Dimension One Little Dipper P.C. Board, 1995-1996 - 01515-33

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Special Price $233.95

    Replacement PC Board for 1995-1996 Little Dipper spas with Balboa controls. 01515-33 Learn More
  7. Dimension One Circulation Pump, Laing E10 - (Universal)* 01512-320E

    Regular Price: $292.99

    Special Price $259.99

    Dimension One Circulation Pump, Laing E10 - (Universal)* 01512-320E Price includes Pump Assembly and Cord with Plug. The original red or blue pumps have been upgraded to the new all-black model which includes both dry run protection and an integrated flow switch. *PLEASE NOTE* This pump is not compatible as a replacement for a fountain circulation pump. This circ pump includes a flow switch. Not compatible with Arena or AFS. If replacing from non-E10 circ pump, please note there are wiring differences. 01512-320E Learn More
  8. Upper Control Panel - 01560-118
    This panel has 2 individual RJ12 telephone connectors that attach to the printed circuit board. Part number 01560-118 Learn More
  9. Dimension One Ozone Can Assembly for Bay Collection/AFS19DT/(@Home 2010+) - 01565-0001

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $202.95

    Used on 2004 to 2006 model year Bay Collection Spas. Also used on 2008 to current AFS. 01565-0001 Learn More
  10. Dimension One Poly-Planar Flip-Up Speaker (Replaces SIS/In.Tune) - 07-0012

    Regular Price: $240.00

    Special Price $230.50

    Single flip-up speaker. Includes multiple connectors and instructions. This speaker replaces 01564-31, 01564-33, 01564-0056, 01564-0038. Learn More

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