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  1. Dimension One 25 Amp Green Fuse - 01560-52
    (used on SSPA and MSPA PCB's. Also used on select jet pumps) 01560-52 Learn More
  2. Dimension One Upgrade Kit  **PURCHASE REQUIRES SERIAL NUMBER: PLEASE CALL TO ORDER** - 07-0019
    Dimension One Upgrade Kit (Circuit Board, Topside Panel, Transformer, & Sensors) **PURCHASE REQUIRES SERIAL NUMBER: PLEASE CALL TO ORDER** - 07-0019

    Replacement for Gecko Spa packs. Includes Topside Control, Hi-Limit & Temp sensor, Transformer and Circuit board for certain obsolete equipment packs.

    Note that it does not include the inlay. That is part number 01560-353. We also recommend ordering the topside replacement kit 01512-00

    Learn More
  3. Dimension One 5 Amp Ozone Fuse (Pk of 10) - 01710-74-M
    This is a pack of 10 Fuses (Gecko MSPA PCB and '98 Madrid PCB) Learn More
  4. Dimension One Apollo Air Pump Rebuild Kit - 01512-186

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

    Includes 4 Air Bellows plus 8 Shock Bushings 01512-186 Learn More
  5. Dimension One Time Clock - 01560-24

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $38.49

    ('91 and Older Spas with Time Clock, used on 01560-44 and 01560-16) Learn More
  6. Dimension One Single Bezel Replacement Kit - 01512-598
  7. Dimension One SL Power Transformer - 01560-98

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $34.95

    '93 240 Volt Models Learn More
  8. Dimension One Fan Receptacle - 01560-64
  9. Dimension One iWatch Auxiliary Unit - 01512-1031

    Regular Price: $159.95

    Special Price $134.95

    The iWatch auxiliary unit illuminates the outside of your spa with Dynamic L.E.D. Lighting. Requires iWatch Master Control Unit (01512-1032) to operate. For the most dramatic lighting effect recommend installing on up to 3 sides of spa.
    Learn More
  10. Dimension One Pump Receptacle, Two Speed - 01560-93
    For use in '98 to current Reflections Learn More

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